What is challenge norms?

Hate her. Don’t concede valid points - advance the party agenda. Narratives help us understand the world. If progress hasn’t happened, we must blame ourselves for not doing enough and assume the leaders of “our side” are tirelessly working in our best interests..

Once we choose a side - conservative or liberal - there are an ever-growing array of “approved” newspapers, podcasts, social media accounts, TV shows, books, etc. that feed our disposition. Context and progress are not media priorities. How often have we heard “the greatest threat since..” or “this is the most important..,” and in our struggle to be informed, we feel we don’t know the whole story and are continuously more anxious and insecure when progress fails to occur?

challenge norms examines the stories of the week that the editors (currently just one - d.s.) believe are worthy of healthy discussion. This is not a news feed - each post checks multiple sources to add coherence and context by examining stories in light of history and American democratic values. This publication has no political allegiance and is dedicated to civic, socioeconomic and technological progress.

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Who writes this?

Former digital media executive, nonprofit consultant and self-taught American historian who thrived in entrepreneurial startup environments, quit a lucrative career to support a principled Independent’s presidential campaign and firmly believes strengthening democracy can only be achieved communally.

I am a lifelong Independent, love learning how democracy evolved, and am continuously inspired by how the courageous souls of yesterday valiantly approached the insurmountable and intractable. Personal experience has taught me time and time again that we can only implement the best ideas when we look past identities and titles. In that regard, meaningful progress can be achieved by reexamining the present through a more empathetic lens and collectively constructing a stronger democracy.

My primary objective in publishing challenge norms is to foster progressive conversations and aspirations. Hence I go by my initials - d.s. - because ideas and what is possible matter more.

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Former digital media executive, nonprofit consultant and self-taught American historian, who loves learning how democracy evolved and is continuously inspired by how courageous citizens, today and past, valiantly challenge the norms of their day.